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The following are projects currently under development by Aleatory Records and its' members.


The Global Butterfly Effect Music Project (Open for Submissions)
Book of Quotes by Aleatoric Artists (Open for Submissions)
The Aleatoric Poetry Collection Vol. I (Upcoming)
Aleatoric Photography Collection Vol. I (Upcoming)
Aleatory Freedom (Announced)
Trapezoid Thoughts Vol. I (Announced)
BLATTS (Written from stream of thought based on actual events)
Synchronicity (Chance based film experiment, 2002)
My Art Not Ill (Proposed, an artistic refuge for the mentally ill)
Flutterby Freedom (Indeterminate music for sensitive ears)
Zappa 2012: Campaign to be Frank (A collective hash to conduct politicians towards individual liberty and the rebirthing of our republic).

The idea for this label project is rooted in the collaboration of inteterminate creativity in the writing of the book BLATTS and inteterminate expressions explored at a burnt building turned into a funhouse back in 2002.
The [Roots]