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Donato & Gianni Console
Group: Suono C (musical laboratory)
Suono C


The brothers Console were born in Noci, near Bari (Italy), Donato in 1976 and Gianni in 1978. They began to play music at the age of eight. After playing in processions and funerals, with the civic band, they choose to study music in depth. So they enrolled for the conservatory “Nino Rota” in Monopoli, where they graduate in 2001, Donato in flute and Gianni in saxophone. Musical events, local and not, as the Noci “Europa festival Jazz”, made them interested in improvised and experimental music. 
Because of -and thanks to- their passion for experimentation and the possibility of using technology in order to obtain new sounds, they start to attend some improvised music courses and, then, to develop their new interest in electronic music. A musical data processing course and an acousmatic one, with the French interpreter Prayer, improve their knowledge of it. These experiences, their meetings, the luck of playing with great musicians, are the path on which, today, their music “walks”. Suono C is a musical laboratory founded in 2003 by the brothers Console.



Sciarrino, Berio, Xenakis, Bach, Maderna, Henry, Mozart, Ornette Coleman, Schoenberg, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Nono, Varèse, Cage and more




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