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Music by Jason Page with others...


Some of the works listed are work in progress and may not be published in final works.

Theme is Trapezoid was born out of the struggle to break through the constraints of deterministic music and instead perform in the moment with no pre-disposed plan of performance path with an inclination of dynamic change. When there is a dynamic of more than one performer of same core, the results are unique, memorable and satisfying to open ears. The language of this music assumes an instinctual relation to the instruments used and an ability to become a conduit through indeterminacy 


Lemon Sublime

Lemon Sublime/Wonder was the pre-cursor to Theme is Trapezoid and resembles the flowering of the cognitive chance aspect of Jason's performing.

Lemon Submlime/Wonder (2002):

Lemon Sublime
Middle Ground
Inter Chord
In the Middle
Garbage Collector
The Tide



Theme is Trapezoid marks the initial release of the name and the formation of the premise behind the name and Jason's art in cognitive chance/indeterminacy.


Theme is Trapezoid (2004):

1: Pop Title Trapezoid
2: Trapezoid
3: My Perception of a Trapezoid
4: The Blinds Uncover a Trapezoid
5: Perimeter of many Trapezoids
6: Sway inside a Trapezoid
8: Journey about Trapezoids
9: Trapezoid for 'Out of Tune' Piano

Trapezoid Vol 2 contains material that has not yet been released on any album. Some pieces have been performed with Maestro Phil.

Trapezoid Vol 2 (2007) [With Maestro Phil]:

Dark Play
Marching Quarks
Can You Hear Me
Trapezoid Injections
A Spark
Forever Dying Strange Attractor in C
Mystic River




Released twice as an album, this is another example of cognitive chance with performers Joe Pittro and Paul Orlando with Jason Page. All the pieces were performed once and in a single night impromptu. Different unorthodox materials were used to make sound including bubbling water, making a wine glass sing and an acquaintance with broken instruments.

MANN: Mushrooms/Acid Not Needed (2010):


00. Haphazardly Happy

01. Inner Stellar Gas Release

02. Many Hands Many Layers

03. We are Human

04. Rumble Mumble Jumbo

05. Hydro Hyper Oil

06. Flush that Turd

07. Video Game Sublime Slime

08. Wet Dream of a World Demise

09. Toilet Swim

10. Fishing for Chance

11. Mushrooms/Acid Not Needed


Sublime Mind

The idea here with Trapezoid is that access outside of the trapezoid (confines of our projection of reality) is achieved through a gateway of our perception through the mind with the help of external stimuli.

Sublime Mind (2015):


00. Coming Soon

01. Coming Soon

02. Coming Soon


Recorded Live Performances:

View on YouTube

Unsorted work:

Metal Morph
Bold Wig
Mystic Meander
Egger Me


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