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Theme is Trapezoid Presents: Mushrooms/Acid Not Needed. Album is Creative Commons Attribution 2010.


On Sale Here:
On Sale for just $5. Should come to less than $10 with shipping.
Proceeds will go toward funding the Global Butterfly Music Effect Project.


Playable Music List:


00. Haphazardly Happy

01. Inner Stellar Gas Release

02. Many Hands Many Layers

03. We are Human

04. Rumble Mumble Jumbo

05. Hydro Hyper Oil

06. Flush that Turd

07. Video Game Sublime Slime

08. Wet Dream of a World Demise

09. Toilet Swim

10. Fishing for Chance

11. Mushrooms/Acid Not Needed


Please make a small donation. Proceeds help budget for the Global Butterfly Music Effect Project.




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