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CSHM :: Aleatory Records Artist
Sid Yiddish & His Candystore Henchmen
Chicago, IL USA
Sid Yiddish and his Candystore Henchmen Candy Store



Started in 2010, the group consists of 20 members frequently referred to as a conducted improvisational music club. The music is aleatory in the sense that there is no scripted plan where the music will go or how it will evolve. The group responds to each other, base the sound on the theme/title of the piece and ultimately respond to 75+ hand signals and expressions from the conductor, Sid Yiddish. The group has appeared repeatedly on the ManCow TV Show, made it to the celebrity judge finals for Americas Got Talent and on a number of radio shows including WGN, WZRD and several independent stations as well as in many clubs and bars throughout Chicago and occasionally elsewhere in the other states.



Influences: John Cage, Yoko Ono, the Universe


Merry Fucking Happy



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